Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

Why should I visit Rome whit a guide?

Well, how would you like to explore a city – mainly a city you never lived in – on your own or with a local? Most people think spending time with a local showing them the city is a big plus to their visit. And we think what we do is pretty unique: all our guides are natives who are in love with their city, take you around and look after you as if you were friends.

How to book a tour?

Fill the request form of the tour you are interested in and we will answer as soon as possible, usually within a few minutes. By compiling the form you are not booking the tour, you are just requesting for info and availability. Alternatively (i.e. you want to visit a site not included in our list), you can email us at info@cupolone.it. After you received our reply, you will answer your decision. Only then we will conclude the booking.

How much will I pay?

One thing is for sure: our tours are very affordable. You pay a complete 3 hours tour €60 each if the group is formed by just 4 people. Just make a comparison with big global brands: most tours charge you €50/60 to be in a noisy and chaotic 25 people group! See also the “prices” page for further info.

Wich language do your guides speak?

Our professional licensed guides are fluent in english, spanish, portuguese, french, deutsch (and italian of course). You can write us what language you prefer in your first request.

Are there long entrance lines to monuments, museums and churches?

Yes, very long… but not for you. You are assured you will skip the line when visiting sites with our guides.

At what times do the tours start?

We customize tours according to your desires and necessity. However, since a tour last approximately 3 hours, we suggest to start it around 9 am or 3 pm. Remember tourist sites are less crowded early in the morning and in the afternoon.

Are tours suitable for every kind of people?

Tours are suitable for everyone. Visiting Roman Forum and Closseum in a wheelchair some paths could be too difficult though. Please, write us your special needs: we will be glad to adjust the tour in accordance to your condition.

Do the tour price includes entrance fees?

No, it don’t. We will inform you of the admission tickets costs of your tour in the first email. You can buy the ticket by yourself or, at your request, we can buy it for you.

How can I reach the site to visit?

Usually tourists reach the meeting point by public transportation. We can also arrange a transfer service at your request though, or even get you a personal driver for the entire day.

What if I get lost?

It’s quite difficult getting lost when visiting a tourist attraction in a small group! However, as soon as you booked the tour you will get your guide phone number and even our manager phone number. Besides, we will have your number, therefore we too will be able to contact you.

What is the dress code?

It depends on the site you want to visit. Please check the page of the tour you are interested in to get detailed info about it. By and large, only in churches, catacombs and Vatican Museums a strict dress code is required.

What happens if a site is closed the day of my visit?

It happens very seldom, but a few times sites close or change the opening hours unexpectedly: besides, we are in Italy! In these very rare cases we will modify the itinerary according to your interests, providing the best alternative.

When have I to book?

We advise you to book at least two weeks in advance. It could happen a guide is available even within a few days notice, but you must take into account entrance tickets could be sold out at that time. Nonetheless, if you’re late write us anyway, it could be worth a try.

How do I pay?

You can pay via paypal or credit card when booking or you can pay the guide when meeting her/him for the tour.

Do children pay full fee?

No, they don’t. Just inform us about the presence of children in your first communication, we will be glad to apply a proper discount.

Is there a cancellation policy?

We treat our clients as friends, therefore we won’t be asking money if there’s a real problem preventing you to particpate the tour. We ask you to cancel at least 7 days in advance though, in order to help us planning our schedules.

How much should i tip the guide?

The choice is up to you. You can give the guide a hefty tip tip or nothing. What really matters is you are fully satisfied with the service you received.

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