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You can take an individual, a couple, a family or a friends tour: your call. We will introduce you to Rome with a personalized tour, in accordance with your wishes and your own pace.

The prices you see on the homepage are referred to ten people groups. We think adding more people would decrease the overall quality of the tour. Should you form a larger group and still wanting to book with us, we’ll examine your request: you should be aware that your experience won’t be as satisfying as it was visiting the city in a small group though.
As for the prices, here are some practical examples: you and your friends form a ten people group, you pay €24 each for a full 3 hours Baroque Rome tour with a professional licensed guide (keep in mind Rome is plagued by hundreds of illegal guides); you pay €40 for being in a six people group; you pay €60 for being in a four people group, and so on.

Now think about it: most of big global (and local) tour agencies charge you €50-€70 for a tour in a noisy and chaotic 25 people group! Not only that doesn’t make sense, but it is also dirsespectful to you. Of course we are interested in earning money, but we want to do it by offering you the treatment you deserve. What’s the point of selling tours if our clients are not provided with the best possible service?

Remember, not every monuments and sites are free of charge in Rome. You have to pay entrance fee to visit Vatican Museums, Borghese Gallery, Colosseum, Capitoline Museums, as you can see on the homepage where final prices including full ticket cost are showed. We buy special tickets in advance, allowing you to skip the line (with standard tickets you could even wait hours in line). Children and people up to 25 years old do not pay entry ticket or pay a reduced entry ticket.

Another Cupolone plus: itineraries are planned in order to offer you the view of Rome main attractions, however, if you are interested in a specific site, monument, church, tours can be personalized according to your indications. Try making this kind of request to big tour agencies with guides leading 25 people groups: they will laugh at you! Fact is in a large group you are just a pawn. With us you happen to be queen or king. That’s the only way you can really experience Rome.

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