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We welcome global tourism,
but only local people can introduce you to Rome

Cupolone is a friends owned business. We welcome global tourism, but only local people – who know exactly where to go and how to get there quickly, who know streets, people, monuments, legends, transportations, shortcusts and hidden treasures – can introduce you to Rome.

We are quite a unique company: we value quality over quantity, customer satisfaction over money. To us you are persons, not numbers.
You can’t really experience a guided tour of Rome if you are placed in a large group of people, most of whom don’t even know each other. Think about it: one person wants to see a staute, anoher one a painting, one wants to stop in front of a monument, anoher one wants to hurry up to see columns and ruins… and so on. That’s frustrating and unnerving. And the result is that you end the tour with the understanding that things didn’t work out as you expected.
We pursue a different path, working with small groups, whose composition is decided by you.

All our guides are born in Rome or living here since a long time and all of them are professional licensed guides: this is something we are really proud of. They will be pleased to give you all the suggestions and recommendations to make your stay in Rome as pleasant as it can, turining it into a wonderful, memorable experience.

We love our city.

We love each other as a family and we love our city, and we hope you will fall in love with Rome too.

Why are our tours so affordable?

Quite simply, we do not spend tons of money in advertising campaigns, overblown staff, lavish headquarters: that’s why you pay the right price receiving a better service.

Our main investment.

Building a network of guides, who know thouroughly the city and know how to deal with tourists as they deal with friends.

Our Popular Tours



St. Peter’s Basilica
Vatican Museums
Sistine Chapel
Michelangelo’s Pieta
Raphael Rooms
Full entry ticket “skip the line”

St. Peter is the greatest and largest of all churches of Christendom and the most renowned work of Renaissance architecture. […]



The heart of world history
Roman Empire at its height
Roman Forum
Palatine Hill
Full entry ticket “skip the line”

Colossuem, the world’s most famous classical ruin, is unmissable. The massive arena – officially called the Amphiteatrum Flavium – was […]



Trevi Fountain
Spanish Steps
Piazza Navona
St. Louis of the French
. . . and more. . .

Renaissance and Baroque Rome is as awe-inspring as ancient Rome. You can walk the anguste streets and magnificent squares in […]
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